Interim In-House Executive HR Positions

Interim In-House Executive HR Positions

High growth organizations typically outpace their Human Resource capabilities and a dependency on reaching the next growth threshold is in strengthening the Human Resource function to serve as a strategic business partner.”

Benefits of a Fractional/ Interim Chief of Human Resources Head of People & Culture (HR)

A fractional executive operates like a permanent member of your team and typically contributes between 5-25 hours per week, takes on a senior title & works with your senior team and HR team for 9-36 months. We attend planning meetings, mentor team members and work on projects the same way any other executive leadership member would.

Scale … When You Need It

A fractional executive gives your business the expertise and strategic voice it needs, when it needs it, without having to commit to a big full-time role.

This structure also allows you to allocate the hours you need on focused projects and then add to that commitment level as more needs arise.

With decades of experience in executive and senior level roles, a fractional HR Executive brings the strategic perspective your business needs (at a fractional cost) and begins to have impact in days, not months.

Sample Client/ Interim CHRO Roles

  • Chief Human Resource Officer: P&C Insurance Company $1B
  • EVP Human Resources / Chief People Officer: Consumer Goods $300m
  • Vice President Human Resources: Insurance Company $70m
  • SVP Human Resources: Healthcare Professional Services $350m
  • VP Human Resources: Insurance and Risk Management Co. $30m
  • SVP Human Resources: Hospital
  • VP Leadership and Executive Development: Aerospace $12B

Human Resources, Operations, and Private Equity

Drawing from more than 25 years of HR, Operations, and Private Equity experience, we offer keen insights into human capital effectiveness and productivity and most importantly, in strengthening the human resource initiatives which will contribute to financial and growth targets.

Gravitas and Grit. She’s nothing short of an awe-inspiring businesswoman whose strength, wisdom, and compassionate presence will leave an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to work with her.
Investor / PE / Chairman of the Board

Retained services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Work as an integral member of the senior management team and face business challenges side by side with an eye towards high reward outcomes.
  • Serve as a strategic business partner leading the organization through human resource strategy.
  • Develop human resource planning models to identify competency, knowledge and talent gaps and in turn, develop specific programs for filling those gaps with improved capability skills.
  • Manage the talent management process through proper succession planning programs for key contributors and management positions.
  • Continually assess the competitiveness of employee programs and practices (compensation, benefits and policies) against the relevant comparable companies, industries and markets
  • Position self as a change agent and evaluate all current HR systems and practices against the strategic plans of the company to ensure that the human capital side of business is positioned in conjunction with the growth of the company.


"She has an amazing gift; a highly contagious focused energy which inspires leaders to work on common goals and clear desired outcomes. I’ve never been more impressed with an HR Executive in my 30+ years as CEO"

CEO / Chairman Banking Co. (3 year partnership)


"Kim is a highly valued executive member of our team and I am personally so appreciative that she has stayed on as my partner. It was a significant advantage for us to have someone of her experience and capability leading our strategic initiatives and strengthening our leadership team cohesiveness. I am forever grateful for the unwavering support she has given to me and our investment group. "

CEO / Chairman Banking Co. (3 year partnership)


"Twice Blessed and Heaven Sent. We were very fortunate to have her services. My deepest thanks for a job well done, in a challenging environment! "

SVP HR / RI Hospital


"Gravitas and Grit. She’s nothing short of an awe-inspiring businesswoman whose strength, wisdom, and compassionate presence will leave an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to work with her."

SVP HR / Textron

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